meet our founder

I am an artist and sustainability professional who has a passion for being outdoors and exploring this amazing world we live on. With degrees in graphic design and geography and a masters in sustainability leadership (you could say I like school), I want to help everyone understand how they can each make a difference.

I used to feel discouraged reading and listening to story after story about how C02 is warming our planet, plastics are killing sea life, people are living without access to clean water, etc. I am sure you have seen your fair share of these stories as well. I felt overwhelmed. These are huge problems, how are we supposed to solve them?

But, after working and studying in sustainability I saw that people and organizations are taking big steps to fight these challenges. Now, I feel a sense of hope and empowerment.

I thought to myself “Why aren’t these stories better communicated with the public?” Unless you spend hours doing research it is hard to learn about the exciting stories happening all around the world sustainability.

That is why I started Positively Impactful.

I want to make these powerful stories a part of your everyday life and to provide inspiration and hope that we can fight these challenges together each and everyday. My aspiration is that by telling the stories of those working to make a difference, you too will create change, and ultimately, we as a society will begin to think and act in a more sustainable forward-thinking manner.